Tour Life : A Look Inside (Documentary DVD)


Image of Tour Life : A Look Inside (Documentary DVD)

Tour Life : A Look Inside (Documentary) - Join underground artists SickTanicK, Razakel, Dark Half & Simulation Of A Life with Llibza Entertainment as they journey across the country on a national tour. This documentary provides an in depth look at the life of an Underground touring Musician.

DVD Features full length Documentary, Razakel's "Cherry Red" music video, and the official Children Of The Grave music video.

Camera's : Razakel,SickTanicK,Llibza Entertainment,Dark Half,Simulation Of A Life,Dark Half

Editor : Razakel
Audio : SickTanicK
Soundtrack : Sick of THESICKBEATS.COM
DVD Artwork : Brittany Dean

by SickTanicK , Razakel , and Team Death ,