Tapewerm - Chillers


Image of Tapewerm - Chillers

Step into a world of pure traditional styled Horrorcore with "Chillers", the terrifying debut SKR release from Tapewerm. Chillers is a Horror story in audio format telling the tale of Dr. Wurzer, an archeologist who uncovers an ancient evil while on an expedition, little does he know the evil that he awakened may very well be himself.

1. Audio 1 (intro)
2. Knaw
3. Tell It To Let Me Go
4. Villain With A Grin
5. Born In A Mental Ward
6. Mirror
7. Not Myself Today
8. Paranoid
9. Mirror Pt. 2
10. Revenge of the Hunted
11. Love (co-starring RAZAKEL)
12. Harsh Reality
13. Be A Monster
14. She Shines (co-starring GENO CULTSHIT of Dark Half)
15. What Am I Gonna Tell Mother
16. No Fucks Given
17. Case 6816136
18. Candy For Men (co-starring SAVE DANGERUZZ)
19. A Bad Case of Death
20. The First Power (co-starring REVEREND FANGORY)
21. Lusus Naturae (co-starring SICKTANICK)

by Tapewerm