SickTanicK - The Lament Configuration


Image of SickTanicK - The Lament Configuration

A "Must Have" for Hellraiser Fans - Zoth Olog - Fangoria Magazine Online - After a Two Year wait since Chapter One : Doctrines Of The Damned, the "Savior Of The Wickedshit" - KGP has returned with "The Lament Configuration" SickTanicK's FIRST"Horror Based Album", A Tribute / Homage to Clive Barkers "Hellraiser" Films.Filled with plenty of Gore and Macabre like Hellraiser Films themselves,This album also has that Classick SickTanicK Blasphemy that Deciples Worldwide crave.

1.Seduction & Pursuit
2.Signs Of The Diabolic
3.The Lament Configuration
4.Hallowed Be Thy Name
5.The Engineer
6.Bloodlines (Spoken Word Interlude)
7.Solve Coagula
8.Hells Offerings
9.Suffering Divine
11.Team Death - Eternal Flame 2008
12.Apocalypse 2012
13.Never Hold Us Back feat Two Clipz, Razakel
14.God Hates Me, I Hate Him Too feat Stitch Mouth & KGP

by SickTanicK