SickTanicK - Chapter 1 : Doctrines Of The Damned


Image of SickTanicK - Chapter 1 : Doctrines Of The Damned

August 2005 "Premanitions" Set the stage, The album is released, and to some the Wickedshit is reborn, SickTanicK Tha Souless sets the stage for what is to come."Deciples Of Tha Watch" are born, the next breed of listener or "Fan", Deciples are known for their Cult following of SickTanicK's musick and persona, taking "Communion" at live performances (Shedding their blood for and with SickTanicK, and joining in Masochistic and Violent activities) and representing the music as something much more.

December 2006 SickTanicK buys the owner rights to "Serial Killin Records" and thus the madness starts. March 2007 SickTanicK releases the first album as new owner of SKR "Two Clipz - Shit From Tha Gutta EP" with strong album sales across the united states. April 2007 SickTanicK releases the longly anticipated "Razakel - Murder Potion EP" selling up to half the units produced in pre-orders, and one months time, the first production run is completely gone.

June 2007 The time is here, two years after "Premantions" (which has now moved up to 1000 units internationally) one of the most anticipated albums to ever be released on SKR approaches, "Chapter One : Doctrines Of Tha Damned" the devastating "sequal" to premanitions, promises 18 tracks (and hidden goodies) of pure Wickedshit Blasphemy, from the "New savior of the Wickedshit - KGP" With tracks like "God Hates Me, I Hate Him Too", and "Doctrines Of The Damned" SickTanicK is determined to prove the Wickedshit will never die, and that its time to take music to a more violent and in your face level.

NOW after almost a YEAR of waiting, The Doctrines Return!!!!

Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. This Is My Story, This Is My Life.
3. Doctrines Of Tha Damned
4. Watch Your Saviors Die (produced by Desecrated)
5. Scream
6. I Hate This World (So Fuck This World)
7. Deciples RISE feat KGP
8. Unholy Execution
9. Beezulbubs Prophecy (produced by Desecrated)
10. Ceremony In Flames (produced by Preacher X)
11. My Flesh Is His Flesh (Thou Is Amoungst Us)
12. SickTanicK
13. Take Tha Devilz Hand
14. God Hates Me (I Hate Him Too)
15. You Live Forever (Instrumental)
16. The Reflecting God


17. For You
18. Bite It You Scum

by SickTanicK