SickTanicK CD Pack "The Complete Doctrines Saga" *$1 Shipping*


Image of SickTanicK CD Pack "The Complete Doctrines Saga" *$1 Shipping*

The "Complete Doctrines Saga" includes all three chapters of SickTanicKs Doctrines Saga, Chapters 1, 2 & 3 all for one low discounted price!

Chapter 1 : Doctrines Of The Damned

1. Intro
2. This Is My Story, This Is My Life.
3. Doctrines Of Tha Damned
4. Watch Your Saviors Die (produced by Desecrated)
5. Scream (produced by Ressurrector)
6. I Hate This World (So Fuck This World)
7. Deciples RISE feat KGP
8. Unholy Execution
9. Beezulbubs Prophecy (produced by Desecrated)
10. Ceremony In Flames (produced by Preacher X)
11. My Flesh Is His Flesh (Thou Is Amoungst Us)
12. SickTanicK
13. Take Tha Devilz Hand
14. God Hates Me (I Hate Him Too)
15. You Live Forever (Instrumental)
16. The Reflecting God


17. For You
18. Bite It You Scum

Chapter 2 : In Nomine SickTanicK

1. Intro
2. In Nomine SickTanicK
3. Unholy Blood Unholy Grail
4. Cornerstone
5. 7 Vital Sins
6. The Abyss
7. Path Of Initiation
8. Spoken Word #1
9. Portrait Of The Devil
10. Force Of Destruction
11. Ritual Rape
12. Save Yourself
13. A New Aeon
14. Babalons Embrace (The Mass)
15. Spoken Word #2
16. The Formula
17. Eyes Wide Shut
18. Let The Hate Reign
19. Ordo Ab Chao
20. Fuck Your God
21. Scream At The Heavens
22. Against All Gods

Chapter 3 : Awake : The Ministry Of Hate

1.Prelude To War
2.Sign Of Hate
4.The Promised Land
5.Edict of Grace
7.No God But Man
8.Sic Semper Tyrannis
9.Born From Filth
10.Occult Rap
11.Final Graven Kiss
13.I AM
14.Faust ft Texas Microphone Massacre
15.Follow The Code
17.My Friend In Darkness
18.SickTanicK's Last Supper
19.Eleven Fold
21.The Vision & The Voice
Bonus Track :

by SickTanicK