Razakel Figurine


Image of Razakel Figurine

Here is your chance to own a one of a kind piece of Razakel and SKR history. For the first time ever exclusively at THESKRSTORE.COM! We proudly present a limited edition (Only 25 available for this first initial production) of Razakel figurines. Measuring at an amazing 6 inches tall and only weighing a few ounces, this product is very detailed in texture and color. Each one comes individually numbered and autographed by the girl of your screams herself. Own your piece of limited edition history by pre-ordering yours today.

Universal product specifications and information :

Each figurine is hand numbered and autographed by Razakel.

Each figurine is made out of the highest quality composite powder and resin. (Made by Alamo 3D in San Antonio, Texas)

Each status is unique to itself, no two statues are exactly alike but each one is fully textured and colored.

The statues are exactly that, they are not built with moving parts and are completely stationary.

All Pre-Orders are shipped with extra materials to protect the product during the shipping process, and all orders of the initial run of 25 are shipped for free (no hidden fees or shipping charges).

FREE SHIPPING to Domestic only.

Ships in 7-14 days.

by Razakel